Oracle ERP implementation company from india

The challenges before SAP are very difficult to work on. The biggest issue of integration across entire value chain & less harmonized data model created a need to move on Oracle cloud. Oracle application integration is the biggest strength of any ERP has.

One of the best ERP softwares which offers same level security standards on all components is cloud ERP. modernized Oracle ERP cloud created rapid & accelerated business transformations.

New vision software’s oracle ERP implementation advantage

* New vision’s Oracle ERP at a glance

1) Promising Analytics:-

Central database of information helps in improving analytics, reporting and data sharing. Reports that could take days for research & compilation, cloud ERP takes just few minutes.

2) Predictable performances:-

New vision’s ERP architect leverages high-performance network & storage resources. It is best for enterprise workloads than anything else.

3) customer centric approach:-

Assessing complexity, risk & data integration challenges. Also, testing the system with end-user is a need for an hour. In short, it assess exact needs of customer.

4)security & control:-

Compute & network isolation helps ensure data security. Compartment capabilities coupled with identity and audit allows visibility. It is like a solid foundation to enable further transformations.

5)Improved productivity:-

The database within this ERP software eliminates redundant tasks like data entry & allows the system to perform advanced calculations within minutes. That saved time can be invested in innovative work.

6)Feature and functional enhancement:-

The central database is an integral part which makes this ERP unique. new vision is providing your company with a single source of truth to work from. This reduces errors brought by working with the incorrect data, further reduces cost.

7) Oracle governance risk & compliance:-

When company started to grow & starts doing business abroad, it may be difficult to keep track of all the variable regulations imposed. ERP software are built in such a way that it helps you to maintain compliance at every stage. Ex. Built in auditing tool for tax provisions make it easy to formulate report & sent it to respected government authority.

8) Convincing resource Management:-

This unique software keep record of manufacturing operations & inventories. It is easy for users to optimize production schedule. ERP oracle also manages Bill of materials & fix assets. In short, ERP is helpful creating & editing bills. Also, keeping track of all previous changes. It is also work as a reminder to reduce unexpected downtime. It enhances supply chain relationship.

Enterprise resource planning manages all your day to day business activities such as accounting, procurement, Project Management, risk management.

ERP oracle provided by new visions works exceptionally in database management allowing all departments to work with same information and all the data can be organized, analyzed and made into Reports.

“Thief Market”

Today I am writing about an Interesting Place…Not about the shining shopping malls or glittering 5 star Hotels….but about Funny & Exceptional “Thieves Market ”

By the Way it is not new..In modern times, most people may have heard or went to the ” Thieves Market “.. In South Mumbai, a really Large and Expanded Thieves market is located.Actually in Hindi it is famous as ” Chor Bazar”..

When British colonies were streaming here, they Pronounced it as a “Chor Bazar”.. Earlier it was a ” Shor bazar ” Means Noisy Place.. It means British People mispronounced the word.. But it is now hardly famous as a Chor bazar

If you are in Mumbai & lose one of your Accessory then you can rebuy it from “Chor Bazar” ( As per some peoples)๐Ÿ˜ƒ

But frankly speaking it is not totally like that… In “Chor Bazar” You can buy accessory and other Goods in a very less & Minimal charges..The Branded shoes, clothes, watches, iphones everything which is useful for a citylife is included there for sell..

Ex. IPhone which is worth $500-600 or โ‚ฌ500-600 in Financial Market… You can get it in hardly $80-90 in “chor Bazar “..But warranty and gurantee is not Promised.. ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

Key note is, It is not Affordable for everyone to live a Lavish and Branded Life.. But Humans always find a Way to fulfill his/her Desires.. “Compromise” is inevitable in Life… “Thieves Market” May be a kind of Compromise.. whatever be it is.. But Ultimate goal of Life is to BE HAPPY.. ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

Are You Planning Your Tour to India??

If you are planning your next Tour to India…. Then I would Say, Good Decision!! India is a Simple Country with Compound Characters.Here you will see Variety in every aspect.

Physiography of India is simple to understand but Complex to Travel in actuality๐Ÿ˜„ Numerous Twist & Turns, Highlands, Lowlands, Plateaus, Mountains ect. makes ” Trekking ” a Much Needed Hobby of Localites.

While Visiting Different Locations You may find Local Peoples talking such Languages you have never Heard. The Food they Eat you may never have Seen.. In Every Aspect you Find a Newness ( may you like it or may not) but this Newness is a Ultimate Culture of Indians..

India is Differently Populated in Different Regions. Huge Masses of India in Limited Spaces ( world’s second Highly Populated country) but living in unlimitedly Happy Way.

After Independence in 1947 and during Independence itself, India Saw a huge Tide of Westernization. It Tried to change the India but Core Ideas never Changed and may never will.If you are Tired of Working , depressed of Hectic Shedule then Tour To India will Encourage you in a Different Way. What Different you will get to see here is

1) on the Bank of Ganga where 1000s comes to Meet the Mother Ganga and performs Rituals , you may have a feeling of Completeness there. The Buddha Cave and its Ultimate Beauty will give you Peace of high Order. In Goa, you will see Church at every street. You forget all your Sorrow and could Connet the World of Wisdom.

2) The Food of variety Places give you a feeling as if Your Mother serving you the Food with Love.

3) Beaches , Hills are common here but uncommon thing of India is The Temples built in Dravidian style, Nagara Style, Mughal Style.Ex. Khajuraho Temple have built & not a Single place on Temple Remained Uncarved.

4) If You are Depressed and want a Massage, then I would like to tell you that India is a Home of Yogabhyas, Medispa with ancient Techniques which could give you Happy Feeling of forever.

In This Article, I just Explained “India” In a very Short Sense.. I will come with many Interesting Facts happening There..Thank you.



Let’s Play A Game….Guess The Place I Am Explaining About…..

Being Green is a Habit of that Place, Home to 1000s animal , Species and Plants. The Place has Biggest Historical Past. The Sunrise and Sunset from that Place touched Heart of Carore in the world. The place where Rain is born. Really The place is Heaven on the earth. The Mountains, Rivers , sea, Trees , Animals of that Place showing Purity and Peace to the Whole World. The Place is situated in Western Ghat ( a big Biodiversity Hotspot) at Southernmost Asia . It is God’s Own Country.

The Place will absorb all your stress , Problems. You will stop using your What’s app , Facebook other social sites at there because the Beauty of the Place will attract you that Much. you will definitely meet to Yourself is the Guarantee of the Place. Your disease , illness will be vanished in a Second. The Place is Adorable , Tranquil , Epic , Grand , Gorgeous. Are you Ready to go there then KERALA (India ) is Waiting For You.

The Basic Things You must know About Kerala Before Going There –

The Warm Comfortable Climate for tourist and No Hot Winds is a quality of the place, mostly in September to March. But if you want to Enjoy Onset of Monsoon then You must go in June. The Rain Born here. Kerala is Hub of Backwater (Inland travelling), so you need not to walk always because the Waterboats can take you here and there all the time.

“Standing Anamudai” is the Proud of Keralite. He ( Mountain) is the Everest of South India. Tourist who are passionate Trekker can take this opportunity.

At the Kannan Devan , the Western Ghat and Eastern Ghat meets and it increases Beauty of the Place. ( Two Mountain Ranges Engulf in One Another)

You can Easily start your Journey from Big Forts like Bekal Fort , the sea-kissed Fort which is at starting district of Kerala and end you juorney at Southernmost point like Parasalla Beach where you can see The big Indian Ocean.

Hill Stations –

Hill Areas are Gift of Kerala , it is a beautiful Honeymoon Places. Verdant Mountains , Green Valleys , Dense and Misty Woods, Feothing Rivers , Waterfalls, Flower -filled areas are the Feature of Western Ghat in General and Kerala in particular. Misty , Mystical and Serene hills are Perfect Holiday Option for Travellers.Kerala Honeymoon Packages like in Munnar , Wayanad , Ponmudi , Thekkady ect are at elevation of 1000 to 2500.

Water play and Beaches –

Scooba diving , Fishing , parashoot riding Car Riding with top Amenities to Tourist is speciality of the Place.

1) Kovalam Beach:
Located in Trivandrum, It is a Best Alternative to Goa . The Most Popular Beach. The Famous Surfing Destination with attractive Offers (50% in monsoon). You will get to know about Fishing Culture with SAGARIKA Marine Research and Aquarium.

2) Varkala Beach :
Amenity wise and Facility wise , Varkala Beach is Father of All Beaches in Kerala. Also it is Less crowded than Kovalam. Due to Incredible Scenery of the Place , you will prone to Photography. it is Among the most beautiful Places for Scenery.

3)Marari Beach :
The Beach Gives the feel of Village Area, They are obsessed by Coconut Groves liked by everyone Often. Catchy thing is the Local masses are maintaining their Culture of YOGA CLASSES (Rule your Mind or it will Rule You) The Primitive Yogabhyas gives the Mental peace of High Orders.The Yogabhyas is the solution of many psychological illness.


Indians doesn’t Need any Medical Tourism when Kerala itself is the Hub of Medical Science, The Primitive Medicines , The Primitive Massage skills which can cure your Lifelong Diseases. The Power of Ayurveda is gift of Kerala to the Whole World.

Kottakal – Ayurvedic institute (Arya Vaidyshala)

Veli – you get here Ayurvedic Medispa

Thekkady – Green Park of Ayurvedic Plantation

UNESCO given the tag of WORLD HERITAGE SITE to Western Ghat of which Kerala is an important Part. The Variety Material of Specie, Flower and Medicinal Plants made the place Rich. The Largest Tiger Reserve named ‘Periyar’ is aweful and Hilarious. The ‘ Lion Tail Macaque ‘ is the proud of evry Keralite. To see the Nilgiri Tahr people come from great distances. The immense Luxury of Flora and Fauna which attracts our Eyes just like a Beautiful Girl attracting the Crowd.


The Sabrimala , an Ayyappa Temple which is historic, The Padmanabha Swamy temple and Venkateshwara Temple. The view of all this temple will confuse us. How critically and beautifully they were made in history where there is no such availability of elements as of Now. The Temples are Strong , Long Lasting , Shock absorbing from typical Weather Conditions. We will not be able to solve the quiz that how they were MADE?? This question is still unanswered.

The Kathakali Dance and culture can be seen in Kochi , Kumarkam and in other Places too.The Facial Expressions , Dressing Style , style of Walking , the Eye makeup the Facial Make. All this we will never have seen before. The Kathkali is Classical Danceform of Indian through which the lady try to tell a Story which is based in a Divinity.
The Malayattoor which is 52km from Kochi , The Church of Malayattoor got International Status by Holy see. It is the meeting Place of Land , Mountain and River.The most ancient Church and Place, Everyone should visit it Once.
The local Festivals constitute Kumarakom Boat Race (Sept – Oct )

Cochin Carnival (Januvary)

Onam ( September)

Chembai Music Festival ( November)

If you go to Kerala in above Months you will see the Different Cultural Zones. The Traditional ties that are maintained by Locals. You will not detached yourself there. The Keralite will obviously brought you in.The Linguistic Barrier will not interrupt you as you will connect by Hearts.
The Kerala has always been protected India from Foreign Invasion. Kerala has its own Way of Life , The Literacy Rate of Kerala is also Enormous. The Love of Kerala through its TEA and COFFEE took by World. The Night View of the Kerala When Moon is above Sea is very RARE. It is not seen by EVERYONE. Kerala welcomes you to Come and Meet. Exchange of Thought , Exchange of Styles , Exchange of Foods will Happen Only when we Plan to go There.



Thank You.

While Visiting New Places.

  • IMG_20200219_231135These Days A New Fad came of Exploring New & Unmanned Places Especially By Youngsters. It Is Quite Shocking that Most Of Them Treat it as an Adventure with no proper plan and schedule of the Visit. But as a Tourist Writer and Researcher, I would suggest them to take proper Care and I will highlight some key points that will make such adventurers more Attentive..

1) Most Important is Before Planning Such tours, everyone should study about respected place at least a twice.

2) you should know at least 70% of the area where you are planning to go, it not only boost your confidence while roaming but your knowledge of places will also be enriched.

3) The Map of the Place will be your Sole Guide ( if you haven’t take any expert’s advice )

4) Try to choose more safer and easier Places at starting , it will make you smart for Future Events.

5) If the location is a Beach or basically surrounded by Water, then extra care should be taken, Knowing the time of Tides and harmful Creatures. usually government used to ban such places. And it is not about adventure only, it may be even more Dangerous ( the Hollywood film ‘Shallow’ speaks more about this)

6) The Group Tour might be more safer because 5 Heads work more than 1 Head in a Critical Situations.

7) At the End, No Place is Dangerous until your Acts are careless and improper. Ex. Many groups have gone and came back from the most dangerous ‘Snake Island’ with proper Study and Reports. And Many have Died there because of Foolish Planning and lack of Expert advice.

8) Personally I Believe in going more Safer Places. And Everyone should follow Government Guideline.

Thank you.